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2020 OCTOBER 9 – 22 NEW! Small Group Just 5 - 8

with Robert van Koesveld & Behzad Larry

A fantastic opportunity to explore the awesome beauty of the roof of the world and meet the people who live there.

The majestic Trans-Himalayas shelter green oasis villages, the pashmina herds and tents of nomads, cliff-clinging Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and the multicultural town of Leh, used for millennium by Silk Road traders.

The people: For the last seventy years they have officially been called ‘Indians,’ though individually they may think of themselves as Ladakhi, or perhaps as a member of a particular remote village, nomadic community, ethnicity, culture, or religion. Over the millennia they have witnessed tribal migrations, invading empires, Silk Road merchants and their caravans, and modern versions of the Great Game

The land: In Ladakh we are actually traveling across the extraordinary ongoing dance of one continent sliding under the other. Ancient ocean beds and rivers are being lifted, cracked, and turned. Rivers of scree flow down from high mountain ridges, until countless small rocks eventually join the glacial rivers. A tranquil oasis village with orchards and fields may surprise us around the mountain bend. These are awesome places, with a natural poetry and sacredness.

The expedition: This is an expedition for curious travellers who love to interact with places, people, and cultures along the way. As photographers we will look for opportunities to make thoughtful images about this special place and about the people who live there.



2020 NOVEMBER 13 – 23 New Trip JUST OUT!

with Robert van Koesveld and Adam Monk

10 days of photo tour adventures in the rich diversity that is Japan in Autumn. From the bustling downtown streets of Tokyo, to the beauty of Japan’s natural wonder, and the serenity of the Kyoto temple gardens in Autumn, Japan is a wonderful mix of modern and historic places, stunning landscapes, culture and culinary delights

We have created a fabulous balance of landscapes, historical urbanscapes, street photography, people and culture,  with lots of great Japanese food, music and sake thrown in.  We also have two exclusive cultural photographic experiences. In Kyoto you will meet a real Japanese Tea Master and be introduced to the hidden world of the Japanese Geiko and Maiko (Kyoto words for Geisha).

This tour begins  in Tokyo and finishes in Kyoto, and the price is inclusive of all breakfasts and dinners, transport, accommodation, photography tuition and local Japanese guides. This Japan photo tour itinerary has been researched and created by us, by visiting and photographing each location. It’s not just about arriving in beautiful places, Japan is full of those, it’s about being there at the right time for the best light and the right cultural experiences.  

We never jam in loads of locations for each day. Rather we spend more time in fewer more unique locations and we give you time to explore them, allowing you to get the feel of a place, talk to some locals and get some great images that tell a real story. 

This special photo tour is being offered through Adam Monk Photography Tours.



2021 FEB xx - MARCH xx Join the mailing list to be updated

with Robert van Koesveld and Adam Monk

13 days of photo tour adventures in the rich diversity of Japan in Winter. We are spending 7 full days in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido, and we will be exploring much further afield to include the iconic Whooper Swans and Red Crowned Japanese Cranes. Then onto the famous snow monkeys of Shibu Onsen. We will contrast the snow-draped landscapes in Hokkaido with the complex beauty of Kyoto temple gardens in Winter, an intimate Tea Ceremony with a genuine Japanese Tea Master and an interlude with the real Geiko Maiko culture of Kyoto.

 Ogyen Choling long shot


2021 MARCH

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2020 MAY 10 - 24 Now Full (ask about the wait list)

with Robert van Koesveld & Daisuke Kondo

Japan offers so many diverse experiences – peaceful ancient forests and tiny gardens; beautiful snow-capped mountains and island beaches; intriguing traditional culture and vibrant modern cities.

We invite you to connect with the people, culture and landscape in focused and interesting ways, paced for thoughtful photographers, so that you can create images that reflect your experiences at a greater depth.

With a small group led by two professional photographers, this is a great opportunity to follow your creative ambitions while (further) exploring this fascinating country.

Calm and Focused Travel We have designed this itinerary so that we stay longer in three of our specially selected World Heritage locations – Mt Fuji Five Lakes, Yakushima Island, Kyoto.  This means we can take time to explore each location, get into the zone, find images and focus on our image-making. Good photos come from taking time, not from rushing around making snapshots. More time means you get sufficiently familiar to wander and let images find you. Fewer locations also mean much less time is wasted on packing, unpacking and traveling.

Another Japan There are many Japans beyond the ‘Instagramable’ and the stereotypical or popular. It takes effort to put aside the mental images we already have of some places and to let each speak to us. We will visit some places that are not on introductory Japan tours. By focusing our itinerary, we make room for better options some days, considering factors such as weather, creative spaces, local events and less crowds. There will be opportunities for portraits (close-ups and contextual), landscapes (distant and intimate) and street photography (daytime and night).