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Robert van Koesveld Editions now has available archival quality fine art prints and boxed editions sets. Robert has been producing special editions for some time, as a way of thanking those who have supported his project work and has decided to make some of these available for purchase.

The aim is to produce no more than one or possibly two new sets or boxed edition each year. This is to ensure enough creative time and testing is invested in each edition and a very high quality is maintained.

Each work in these special editions goes through a very careful editing process and is then test printed and adjusted many times to ensure the overall balance and impact of the work is just right. Our workflow is fully colour calibrated throughout and we use individually crafted print profiles to make the best match possible between the work, our large format printer and the specially selected archival papers.

Each unique boxed edition we release will be individually designed to meet a high standard aesthetically as well as technically. In addition to included prints there will be other design features such as speciality end papers, text and other inclusions.

The individual prints are designed to be transported flat between hard boards (rather than rolled facing out with the unavoidable risks involved) and will have a generous margin around the actual print. This means the largest actual print will be 28 cm wide (11 inches). The prints are packed within boards measuring 45 cm by 55 cm and encased in special sheets to ensure they will arrive to you in mint condition.